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0 pay out

by No payout! on Sep 23, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

To be fair this insurance is something that my workplace gives its employees free of charge. It is a critical illness benefit with a one-time payout of $2000. It was nothing spent, nothing gained for me. The only reason I am reviewing it is because of the lack of compassion and the belittling of my condition. I was diagnosed with an ameloblastoma tumour in my jaw, which destroyed the bone. I had an operation in which my complete jaw was removed and a bone was removed from my leg to replace it. I had a 14-hour surgery, 30 rounds of radiation and months of physio, both on my leg and my jaw. I will never get feeling back in my jaw again and can only open my mouth part way and have a hard time eating. I was refused because the tumour was benign. That is the only reason. I was very sick, will never be the same and they couldn’t care less.

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Unethical Insurance Company

by Disgusted client on Feb 19, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I made a $10,000 Critical Illness claim with SSQ over 3 years ago & still have not been paid out! I get the distinct feeling their customer service reps are instructed to stall as long as possible, hoping claimants will pass away before they are paid out. I've contacted them several times, got weak apologies and was made to fill out the same claim forms I did originally to start the process all over. Then I don't hear from them again and have to keep trying to contact my case manager. I'm sure $10,000 is mere pennies to this large company. Shameful! Only used them because I had no choice as it was part of a package provided by my employer. Gave SSQ a one-star rating because that's the minimum - otherwise, I'd give them no stars at all.

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