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Bluecross? Criminals.

by aliveandwell on Jul 14, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

I was in a very serious car accident (rear-ended) and could not work for 9 months. I applied for short-term disability which was part of my plan and do you think I saw a penny of that? Nothing. I would send in two specialists reports plus my GP's report per their request. Six weeks would go by without a word and I would get a letter advising it had been over a month and they needed updated medical reports. I would send them in, 6 weeks would go by, I would get a letter saying the same thing. After these crooks doing that THREE times to me I handed it over to my lawyer. He sued and we won.

I only gave them a star because you had to give at least one. They don't deserve even one star.

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