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Short Term Disability experience

by Mentalhealthisreal on Jul 20, 2023
1 out of 5 stars

I must express my utter disappointment and frustration with Equitable Life Canada's handling of my Short Term Disability application. My experience has been nothing short of a nightmare, characterized by poor communication, extensive delays, and a complete lack of adherence to their contractual obligations.

First and foremost, the communication from Equitable Life has been abysmal. Throughout this entire process, I felt left in the dark and without any idea of the status of my claim. Despite making repeated attempts to get in touch with my case manager, I received no response for over three weeks. Such neglect and lack of basic courtesy are unacceptable, especially when dealing with individuals facing challenging health circumstances.

The most egregious issue I encountered was the sheer length of time it took for Equitable Life to reach a decision on my file. It has been over four months since I submitted my claim, and yet I remain without any resolution. This prolonged delay has left me in a state of financial uncertainty and emotional distress, amplifying the difficulties I already face due to my disability.

Moreover, it became apparent that Equitable Life might be using stall tactics intentionally, pushing individuals like myself to the brink financially in the hopes of forcing us back to work prematurely. This approach is not only unethical but also puts the well-being of their policyholders at risk.

What is most disheartening is that Equitable Life Canada has failed to honour their contractual obligations. Their reluctance to provide any concrete reasoning for the incessant delays further undermines their credibility. The weak excuses given for the delays only exacerbate the distress caused by the entire process.

In conclusion, my experience with Equitable Life Canada regarding my Short Term Disability application has been overwhelmingly negative. The lack of communication, extensive delays, and apparent reluctance to fulfil their contractual obligations have left me feeling neglected, financially strained, and deeply disappointed in the company's conduct. I implore Equitable Life to reconsider their practices and treat their policyholders with the respect and support they deserve during challenging times.

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