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Nothing but stress

by Not healthy or satisfied on May 29, 2017
2.5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to see the best and originally it looked that way. I truest believed Great West understood what was happening and wanted to get me back to my normal. First payments were always an issue. Late, non existence no response for a week past. It's like they don't understand you rely on that payment date. Had the worst experience with the pay. Secondly they sent me to see someone who didn't do anything to talk about what was bringing on my symptoms and just wanted me to decide what to do about my job which was in direct conflict with what my case worker said. They told me my claim was ending the week after I experienced a panic attack so bad I almost blacked out while driving. Told me I'd deal with PTSD forever and so my claim was over and back to work I go. I work in a safety related industry it makes no sense. My last payment never came big surprise. All and all it was a terrible experience. I'm not very happy having no choice by my former employer but to pay into benefits that really don't benefit you when you get sick. Save your money. They are more interested in getting your case closed over your actual health. It's pathetic.

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Long Term Disability

by depressed & worried on Jan 29, 2015
2 out of 5 stars

Extremely bad customer service within the Disability office. They do not return calls. The 1-800 phone number states they are closed, even though they are open and during office hours. Case manager extensions not working. I just switched from short term to long term on Jan 13. My LTD is approved. I did not receive any money on my regular payday. It is now Jan 29th and have been without pay for a month. NSF charges through my bank, missed car payment. At no time did I received a call or letter from them advising me that this would happen. How are we supposed to live? My mental state is back to being as bad as t was when I went onto disability. I'm so stressed out. I have no food, no gas, I owe large amounts of money now. Why would my case manager not call to advise me? I have no idea when to expect my LTD pay which is already lower than my actual pay so god knows how I assn going to get caught up! This treatment is not right. Great West Life dies not care.

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