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Total waste of time and money

by NoThanksRBC on Mar 25, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

My experience with RBC Insurance has been one of gross incompetence so far. It has been over 8 months since my company purchased group insurance through them, and I'm still unable to confirm my policy because they are repeatedly asking for information that I've already given them. I tried calling the number on the bottom of the letters they send and it goes to something called "RBC Illustrations Tech Support", which goes straight to voicemail if you indicate that you're not an RBC employee. They have two different return addresses; one on their envelope and one on their letterhead, and the one on their letterhead is a PO Box for the Mississauga Parks Board. It is so incredibly sketchy that I'd assume some scammer was trying to phish me, except that I've called the main RBC insurance number on their website, and after 3 telephone transfers, ended up talking to someone who was able to talk to the people who actually sent the letters. He had no idea what was going on with my case, and for some reason wouldn't transfer me to the people who actually did. Instead, he gave me educated guesses on what to do next, the first few of which I had already tried unsuccessfully. I have had to miss work to go down to the clinic and fill out additional paperwork, which they found insufficient for reasons I had already warned them about before they told me to fill it out. The letters are barely coherent English and contradict themselves factually, which certainly doesn't help me to understand what they're trying to ask for that they don't already have. Meanwhile, they have been charging my company as if I had been covered for the last 8 months. Our company is planning on switching providers this year, and I will never, ever willingly do business with RBC again in any form.

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