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Worst Company Ever

by so fed up on Apr 13, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

I purchased disability insurance when I purchased my car. The dealership dealt with Western Life Assurance. Never put much thought to it when I purchased as, face it, none of us truly think about being injured and unable to work. I was injured and off work since Oct 2015 and not one dime has been paid out towards my car payment from that company. I am now being forced to return my car to the dealership due to the huge medical bills I am now facing. I am single and on a tight budget. People think when they purchase disability insurance on a loan that they are protected. Sadly, I found out the hard way - that is not true. I will make sure I tell everyone that I know when they purchase a home, vehicle, or receive a personal loan to check first who the insurance company is. Because if it's Western Life you will lose your home, your car, your credit before they ever payout. You will receive a HUGE envelope in the mail. I believe there were approximately 40 forms to be filled out by yourself, Dr's, Employer's. And even after you pay the Dr's to fill it out, and get all the forms back, it will cost you close to $30 to return to the company. No need to rush because they certainly don't. They deprived me of medical, if they would have taken over the payments I was insured for, then that money could have gone on my medical. I went one month without having money to buy groceries and finally, in the end, I was forced to give up my car, destroyed my credit. Absolutely HORRIBLE company and I wish I would have known before I ever purchased my car. I never thought to look into an Insurance Company as I never thought this would ever happen.

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