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Such a bad company

by Mark-tal on Mar 6, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Their authentication process is worse than any insurance company in a third-world country or like 20 years behind. They have like 5 different numbers for one client. Customer, contract, certificate, member ..LOL. These guys wouldn't survive if there are 1/2 competent companies in the market. But unfortunately, that will not happen.
Try calling them to resolve something, good luck I hate them so much. From simple things to finding an account or resolving a benefits issue, which by the way already more than a year old is a nightmare. Personally, I think they intentionally make things more complex and not accessible to a bunch of incompetent top management who knows we don't have many options as employers will go with them for a low cost. Next time I may start looking for an employer who doesn't use them.

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