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La Capitale
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Horrible insurance company.

by TWEAKZZ on May 4, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

My mother physically can not work and the company had this company for insurance. They keep declining her for the disability insurance she has paid for a cause she isn't disabled enough. She literally can not be on her feet for more than 10 mins and she works at a restaurant that they have to be on their feet for 8 hours. There is no job that she can do at the restaurant and they won't let her work because she is a hazard. So here we are about to lawyer up and deal with this insurance company as this has been going on for 14 months.

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Mandatory health insurance

by nina on Oct 5, 2018
1.5 out of 5 stars

Sending letters. They lost my file from 3 years ago. Did not send the info to the health ministry. Withdrawing $$$ from my paycheck though I proved them I am with RBC. Lack of professionalism. They occupied all education system in Quebec. You as an employee have no choice to choose other company. They are monopolist. And on the top of it, most of their products don't cover important health treatments. You have more losses than benefits having this company. Never have a problem with Desjardins or RBC.

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