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Equitable Life of Canada
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by Mr. Ripped Off on May 15, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

Do not waste your time with this company! They will only make you jump through all their hoops and answer 1000 questions, just to reject you!
I am an extremely physically fit 57-year-old male, who never drank, never smoked, never took drugs, always ate pretty good, exercised, & weight is good.
I was honest with all the questions, and because there was a little bit of illness in my family, they immediately assumed that I am going to get sick of the same illnesses! Basing their idiotic judgment on hereditary, and not a lifestyle!
Dismissing the fact that my own mother is 91 years old & doing great!
After they reject you, you will not be able to get insurance anywhere else! So be for-warned!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

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