Having Insurance

Getting a ticket typically leads to a premium increase but how far? According to InsurEye analysis, Ontario drivers who have a maximum of 2 violations in the last 3 years pay approximately 20-25% more than drivers with a clean driving record. To illustrate the potential increase in rates, let’s assume a driver is spending $150 monthly on auto insurance premiums.  If the driver falls into the 2 violation category, add 25% and they will pay up to an extra $37 each month, adding up to ~$450 annually.  Should the driving record worsen with more violations, there is a great chance that the auto insurance cost will further increase.

Once you collect a few tickets or commit bigger offenses e.g. Driving Under Influence or Hit-and-Run accident, you can very quickly slide into a category of High-Risk Drivers which will make it really difficult for you to get an insurance policy or it will be connected with exorbitant auto insurance rates. Drive safely!

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