InsurEye: We have an eye for insurance!

Looking for affordable insurance?

Offering access to more life insurance companies than most brokers (25+ Canadian life insurers).

InsurEye: We have an eye for insurance!

Looking for cheap Car Insurance?

Offering access to more car insurance companies than many brokers (nearly 20 Canadian insurers).

InsurEye: We have an eye for insurance!

Looking for cheap Home or Condo Insurance?

InsurEye: We have an eye for insurance!

Looking for the best Business Insurance solution?

Offering access to more business insurance companies than most commercial and business insurance brokers (25+ largest Canadian and international carriers).

InsurEye: We have an eye for mortgages!

Looking for the best mortgage rate?

Offering access to more mortgage rates than most other platforms (~140 mortgage rates).

Unique tools for consumers

Insurance Reviews
  • Visual, easy-to-understand insurance guides
  • Tips on how to get the cheapest home, auto, life, disability and critical illness quotes
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Insurance Rates
  • Car insurance rates in ON, AB, BC, MB, SK, QC and other provinces
  • Approximate home insurance rates in AB, BC, ON and other provinces
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Card Comparison
  • Insurance tools to find the best credit cards and to compare mortgage rates
  • The ability to get insurance quotes across multiple insurers
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What companies do we work with

Assumption Life, Industrial Alliance, Foresters, Western Life Assurance, Empire Life, Ivari (former Transamerica), Wawanesa Insurance, SSQ Financial Group, Canada, Life, Equitable Life of Canada, Desjardins Life Insurance, Humania Assurance, IA Pacific, the Edge, BMO Insurance, RBC Insuramce, La Capitale, CPP.

  • ON: Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual, Jevco, The Guarantee, Perth Insurance, Pembridge Insurance, Pafco Insurance, Echelon Insurance, Hagerty, Aviva, RSA, Travelers, Wawanesa Insurance, Intact Insurance, Northbridge Insurance, CAA Insurance, Chubb Insurance, AIG
  • AB, NT, YT: Aviva, Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual, RSA, SGI, Travelers, Wawanesa Insurance, Intact Insurance, Pembridge Insurance
  • BC, MB, SK: In these three provinces basic car insurance is available only from a corresponding crown corporation – ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) in BC, MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance) in MB, and SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) in SK.
  • NS, NB, NL, NU, PE, QC: Currently, our partners are not able to offer car insurance in these provinces, but we are working on expanding our services to these areas.
  • AB, BC, MB, NT, YT: Aviva, Economical insurance, Gore Mutual, RSA, Travelers, Wawanesa Insurance, Peace Hills Insurance, SGI Insurance
  • ON, SK: In these provinces we partner directly with one of the leading insurers, Square One Insurance
  • NS, NB, NL, NU, PE, QC: Currently, our partners are not able to offer home insurance in these provinces, but we are working on expanding our services to these areas.
  • ON: Gore Mutual, Travelers, Intact Insurance, Wawanesa Insurance, Totteen Group Insurance, Encon, Coachman, The Guarantee, Economical Insurance, RSA, Creechurch, Aviva, Evolution
  • AB, BC, MB, SK, NT, YT: Aviva, Gore Mutual, Economical Insurance, Intact Insurance, RSA, Travelers, Wawanesa Insurance
  • NS, NB, NL, NU, PE, QC: Currently, our partners are not able to offer business insurance in these provinces, but we are working on expanding our services to these areas.

InsurEye`s Objective


The main objective of our company is to provide consumers access to unique information and tools. We believe in informing you about all the relevant insurance aspects before providing you with an online insurance quote – which we are able to do by partnering with the best Canadian insurance brokers.

Our tools include various insurance calculators, allowing you to find cheap insurance and compare rates across various providers. Independent insurance reviews go even further, providing you with a unique view on the experiences of other customers. Other personal finance tools will help you with mortgage and credit card choices.

Our blog and article section collects numerous publications that should answer all your insurance questions and equip you with the insurance knowledge you need. These publications elaborate not only on key categories types such as home, auto, life, and business insurance, but also provide details about other sub-types of insurance, such as no medical life insurance, high-risk car insurance, classic car insurance, motorcycle insurance, condo insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance and much more.

InsurEye`s Insights

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Toronto condo market overview Toronto condos have outpaced all other market segments in the housing market this year. Even when detached houses, semi-detached and townhouses were sinking in price earlier in 2018, condos experienced double digit growth. Toronto condos were up 6.5 per cent in the 416 this May 2018 to about $603,000 according to

11 Disability Insurance myths to know before you apply for a Policy

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Most people are not familiar with how disability insurance works. Today we will take a look at what it is so we can dispel some myths about this important policy. Disability insurance provides you with a continuous stream of income in the event of a disability. The idea is that it substitutes a part of

Want to Buy a Condo? Five Canadian Online Resources That You Must Use

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Long gone are the days when buying a condo meant a moderate investment. The average condo price in Toronto has reached $600,000, and in Vancouver it is approaching $700,000. It’s best to be well informed before you make the move to get a dream condo with a high price tag. If you want to buy

The Foreign Transaction Fee: What is it and how to avoid it

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Sticking to a budget is hard enough while on vacation in a foreign country. Add to that elusive fees, such as the foreign transaction fee on credit cards that tacks on a few extra dollars and cents to all purchases made abroad, and it becomes all that much harder.  What is a foreign transaction fee?

How Much a Good Condo View is Worth Today?

June 22, 2018 by Zoocasa
A prospective buyer is always going to be focused on a condo unit’s view. Unlike a house, these units rarely have multiple windows to the outside in various directions. The exterior wall, which usually is either glass or contains a balcony, is likely the only point of contact with the natural world. While the interior

If Life Insurance Plans Were Cars: How to Look at Various Types of Life Insurance in Canada

June 10, 2018 by Alex Fox
Overall, insurance is considered a somewhat boring, though necessary, topic. On top of that, it is not always clear – there are plenty of various types of life insurance products in Canada that work differently. I decided to explain it in a bit of a different and funny way – I hope that you will

Own your home? You could be eligible for these tax credits and rebates

April 18, 2018 by Zoocasa
It’s no secret that property prices in many urban areas of Canada are on fire. And it’s not limited to just the core of Toronto and Vancouver. Houses for sale in Hamilton, for example, have doubled in price in the last decade and houses in Mississauga are almost $750,000. It’s increasingly hard for the average

How Competitive is it to Buy a Home in Toronto? INFOGRAPHIC

March 6, 2018 by Zoocasa
Toronto real estate has been tumultuous in the last few years. At first, everything was going, up, up and up. Record low-interest rates made huge mortgages more attractive, and few new suburbs were developed thanks to the Greenbelt. Almost 90, 000 Newcomers were moving to Toronto each year, along with Canadians from other parts of

Canadian Condo Review Platform CondoEssentials Launched

February 13, 2018 by Alex Fox
InsurEye Inc has announced the launch of a new website: CondoEssentials. The new site is a condo review platform that has been designed to better inform Canadians about real estate, with a particular emphasis on condominiums. InsurEye has been informing consumers about details of auto, life and condo insurance for years through thousands of independent