Having a ClaimThe short answer is it depends. Your  claim may impact your future Auto Insurance Premiums since your insurance company may consider you a higher risk after your claim. It should not be always the case since there are many cases where it does not necessary happen:

  • Not-at-fault accident: Typically premiums will not go up if you are not consider to be at-fault (neither fully nor partially)
  • Hit-and-Run or Uninsured Motorist Accident: It is also considered a not-at-fault accident that does not lead to premiums increase
  • Your policy has Accident Forgiveness Feature embedded into it: It is a guarantee that your policy rate will not increase after the first accident
  • Your purchased an additional Rider Accident Forgiveness: It is a similar feature that guarantees that your policy rate will not increase after the first accident but you have chosen to buy it as a separate rider with your policy.
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