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The biggest asset, that small and mid-size businesses have, are their customers and their experiences that they are happy to share with others. But capturing this experience, compiling it, managing it and getting regularly published on your website can be a painful task. Now there is a solution to that.

  • Capture your clients’ testimonials and publish them directly on your website with one mouse click.
  • Show your areas of expertise based on hundreds real endorsements from your clients.
  • Forget about fees that you need to pay every time when updating your website with new testimonials.
  • Increase convergence of your action pages (e.g. landing page) using our customer experience widget.
  • Connect with your existing customers and attract new business.

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Not Sure? Here Are 6 Reasons to Help You to Decide

  1. Real testimonials and endorsements on your website increase your sales.
  2. Stop paying your webmaster for each website update with new testimonials (~$120/hour).
  3. Publish areas of your expertise to differentiate from your competitors.
  4. Save your time and focus on your business instead of dealing with your website.
  5. Zero technical knowledge and experience required.
  6. Just press one button to publish new testimonials. Get extra followers and fans for your social network websites.Customer Experience Publishing Customers

How Does It Work?

Customer Experience Publishing - Approach

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