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Want to find an insurance broker in British Columbia?

Finding the right insurance broker in British Columbia means finding numerous ways to save on insurance. These savings can add up to hundreds of dollars annually.

In British Columbia, many homes are located in earthquake zones, and this affects both home construction and insurance requirements. We can help you get a cheap home insurance quote so you can start saving on home insurance.

Life insurance premiums depend primarily on your health, age, smoking habits and a number of other personal factors. They do not depend on location, but we suggest you use an experienced insurance broker. Brokers compare the market with multiple providers for you so you can get tailored coverage. This is especially important if you want to get an affordable life insurance quote when you have health pre-conditions.

Basis car insurance is offered by the crown corporation, ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia).

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BC Car Insurance – key
things to know

Average car insurance rate in BC:

~ $120 / month

Car insurance is mandatory in the province of British Columbia. Insurance choices are limited since car insurance is only offered through the crown corporation, ICBC.

BC car insurance rates are not as high as in Ontario, but they still add up to around $120 per month ($1,440/year).

You can reduce your car insurance rate in British Columbia by:

  • Having a short commute. The less you have to drive, the better.
  • Parking your car in a garage rather than on the street.
  • Choosing a car make and a model that underwriters prefer – get a few trial quotes for various models prior to buying your car.
  • Making sure that you maintain a good driving record.

British Columbia uses the tort approach, meaning that one side can sue the other (the “at-fault” side to cover various costs like court expenses, damages, medical expenses, consequences of accident etc.).

Although this approach is considered to be more fair, it can take longer to settle a claim.

As per the Insurance Bureau of Canada, British Columbia has the highest highway and injury fatality rate in Canada.

Insurance and Regulation in BC
Car insurance in Ontario is overseen by ICBC – Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

BC Home Insurance – key
things to know

Average home insurance rate in BC:

Owned home:Rented home:
~ $65 / month$25 / month

One can argue that home insurance in British Columbia is more important than in other Canadian provinces due to the probability of earthquakes.

That’s the first tip for home insurance in this province  – if there is any history of earthquakes in your neighbourhood, you should get an earthquake rider.

Home insurance costs in British Columbia are not that different than in other provinces – you can expect to pay, on average, $65 per month for an owned home, and $25 per month if you are a tenant.

Other things to know

  • Overland flooding: is not covered by most underwriters. Overland flooding occurs when water from rising river levels, excess rain, melting snow, etc., enters your home. If you are in a flood-prone zone, look into an overland flooding rider.
  • Earthquakes: Remember that most policies do not have an earthquake rider included by default – you should buy it on top of your home insurance policy. If you buy a new property, make sure that it is built with earthquake resistant supports in place.
  • Sewer backup: is not typically covered by your insurance policy. Install a backup valve and strongly consider an inexpensive rider.

BC Life Insurance – key
things to know

Average life insurance rate*:

Term life:Whole life:
~ $55 / month~ $80 / month

Life insurance in British Columbia is tied to your health, lifestyle, hobbies, occupation, etc. Connect with a broker to get the best coverage for your needs. Our partner brokers are happy to help you get a free life insurance quote.

Other things to know
There are 4 different types of life insurance, and the best one for you depends on your health, medical history, physical condition and some over factors.

  • Traditional life insurance: always has the lowest rate, but to qualify you must pass a medical exam and answer a long questionnaire.
  • Rated traditional life insurance: is a traditional life insurance policy with a higher premium to cover some health risks, such as diabetes.
  • Simplified issue no medical life insurance: If your health does not allow you to qualify for traditional or rated insurance, you can skip the medical exam, answer a shorter question list and apply for simplified issue no medical insurance. The coverage is lower and the premiums are higher than traditionally or rated policies, but it is still affordable coverage for your needs. This is a popular choice among seniors.
  • Guaranteed issue no medical life insurance: has no medical exam or questions. Everyone can qualify, but this policy has the highest premium and lowest benefit. If you pass away within the first two years of the policy, your premiums (in whole or in part depending on the policy) are returned to your beneficiaries.

Our insurance brokers will provide you with a traditional life insurance quote or no medical life insurance quote across numerous insurance providers.