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Want to find an insurance broker in Manitoba?

Finding the right insurance broker in Manitoba means finding numerous ways to save on insurance. These savings can add up to hundreds of dollars annually.

In Manitoba, basic auto insurance is offered only by the government corporation, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). Private insurers can only offer optional coverage.

Manitoba does not have any special home insurance constraints – this region is not well known for earthquakes or a history of flooding, so home insurance costs are more predictable. That means you have access to cheap home insurance in Manitoba.

When it comes to life insurance in Manitoba, insurers will assess your health, age, smoking habits, occupation, etc. A broker will compare the policies on the market to find the one that works best for you and your situation. Use a broker if you have a precondition and still want to get an affordable life insurance quote.


MB Car Insurance – key
things to know

Average car insurance rate in MB:

Good driving

~ $105 / month

Bad driving

~ $240 / month


Car insurance in Alberta is mandatory. That is similar to other Canadian provinces. Some aspects of Alberta car insurance are also firmly regulated, such the minimum liability each insurance policy should have.

Car insurance in Manitoba is only offered through the crown corporation, MPI. While you can buy additional (add-ons) to your basic coverage through non-crown outlets, options are limited.

Manitoba car insurance rates are not as high as in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia – they are approximately $105 per month ($1,260/year).

With limited options to shop for basic coverage, you can reduce your car insurance rate in Manitoba by:

  • Having a short commute, which exposes you to less risk of an accident
  • Parking in a secure location, such as a garage
  • Buying a car that is not prone to theft
  • Having, and keeping, a good driving record
  • Manitoba uses a no-fault approach where drivers cannot sue the other party.

Insurance regulation in Manitoba

In Manitoba, auto insurance is offered by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

MB Home Insurance – key
things to know

Average home insurance rate in MB:


~ $69 / month


$29 / month


Home insurance in Manitoba is quite comparable to the rest of Canada in terms of costs. This province does not face earthquake risks (like BC) and has a very limited history of flooding.

Homeowners in Manitoba pay, on average, $69 per month in homeowners insurance, and $29 monthly in tenants insurance.

Other things to know

  • Overland flooding: Overland flooding occurs when water enters your home from the outside. While many policies do not cover overland flooding, some offer it as a rider.
  • Sewer Backup: Most policies do not cover sewer backup, but you can’t ignore the need for this protection. Damage from sewer backup runs into the thousands, so make sure you buy a rider (it is not expensive) to ensure your home is fully protected.

MB Life Insurance – key
things to know

Average life insurance rate*:


~ $55 / month


~ $80 / month

*for coverage of $500K-$1M


Since life insurance premiums are not dependent on the province in which you live, and since they are, largely, dependent on your health and lifestyle factors, you should meet with a broker.

A broker can shop the market and compare many different policies, effectively customizing the policy that best suits your needs and your budget. You can get a free life insurance quote today from any of our partner brokers.

Other things to know

There are four different types of life insurance, and the best one for you depends on your health, hobbies and occupation.

  • Traditional life insurance: always has the lowest rate, but to qualify you must pass a medical exam and answer a long questionnaire.
  • Rated traditional life insurance: is a traditional life insurance policy with a higher premium to cover health risks, such as diabetes.
  • Simplified issue no medical life insurance: If your health does not allow you to qualify for traditional or rated insurance, you can skip the medical exam, answer a shorter question list and apply for simplified issue no medical insurance. The coverage is lower and the premiums are higher than traditional or rated policies, but it is still affordable coverage for your needs. This is a popular choice among seniors.
  • Guaranteed issue no medical life insurance: has no medical exam or questions. Everyone can qualify, but this policy has the highest premium and the lowest benefit. If you pass away within the first two years of the policy, your premiums (in whole or in part depending on the policy) are returned to your beneficiaries.

Contact us today to learn more about these policies. You can get a traditional life insurance quote and a no medical life insurance quote across numerous insurance providers.