Having a ClaimInsurers treat life insurance claims differently depending on the time when a death occurred Should a death occur within 2 years after a life insurance policy was issued, it may be contested by an insurer including an investigation. Such aspects of the life insurance policy will scrutinized as existing pre-condition or any fraud possibilities. After 2 years an insurer would typically pay but it still can investigate case details.

If your policy has been denied, there are several steps that you should go through:

  1. Make sure that your adjuster has all the information and there was no misunderstanding.
  2. Try to clarify the situation with the claim manager, to make sure that all conventional ways are resolved
  3. Contact an ombudsman that will look in details into your situation.
  4. If there is no positive solution, you can engage a lawyer to represent your interest in court. Typically, lawyers will work on the commission basis and be paid if they are successful with your case.
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