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Wawanesa Life
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Use literally anyone else

by CrysP2019 on Apr 12, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

I only go through this company because it is thought my employment. I very rarely use my benefits, if I do it generally is for dental cleaning. Recently, I had my dental office contact me letting me know my toddler son was due for a cleaning. I trusted (my fault) that they wouldn't contact me before I was eligible considering they have my insurance information. I booked as recommended. Once the appointment was over, I was told I had no coverage. They booked me in 14 days shy of when he would've been eligible. When I contact Wawanesa, I was both coldly and rudely told. Sorry, nothing we can do. Bye. Given the fact we pay a ridiculous amount for less than mediocre benefits and they can't make a small expectation for a 14 days difference, when we don't typically go every 6 months as it is, shows how they just want to steal your money. You're better off paying out of your pocket for the full cost of services than have to do that AND pay into their plans.

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