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Horrible people

by madguy on Apr 18, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I dealt with one of the rudest customer service agents and ended up hanging up due to harassment. I then complained to the complaint which they then informed her that I had complained. She then called me to confront me and harass me more. I then emailed saying I would not deal with this agent. 2 weeks later her manager called saying that is my case agent and she has to be the one to deal with my claim and then I responded that I would record the conversation this time since they denied recording the first conversation even though there is an automatic message saying the call would be recorded. It's been 2 1/2 months now without a single disability check and are not paying for my therapy sessions. They also transferred me between 3 provinces and multiple people to delay the claim.

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Canada Life will not pay

by Disappointed on Jun 28, 2015
1 out of 5 stars

I purchased life and disability insurance through RBC home protector and their provider is Canada Life. Last November I had a back injury and I have been of work for almost 7 months now. I applied for the disability insurance I was paying for and thought I had. Once I sent all my medical info regarding my injury to Canada Life, they wanted more info from my family doctor going back 2years from date I purchased the insurance. They found a medication prescribed to me in that 2year period . The medication was for something other than anything they indicated on the application form questions I answered when I applied for the insurance. They declined me coverage for my back injury and cancelled my coverage for disability. I appealed there decision with a letter from my doctor explaining the medication treatment and they still declined me a second time. I took it to a lawyer last week. He said Canada Life is treating me unfairly and that I stand a great chance of settling this in my favor. Problem is he said I could end up paying him more than the coverage I would get back from Canada Life. At least he was honest. More than I can say for this insurance company.

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