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long term disability

by frank83 on Jul 1, 2016
4.5 out of 5 stars

I found out I had a brain tumor and needed brain surgery. I ended up going on short term disability but when I was not recovering and needed to transfer on to long term disability I had zero issues. it was seamless and quick. I ended up needing another brain surgery and needed medication that wasn't covered except for " under consideration ". I applied and recurred 80% coverage. at this time I had been off work for over a year and never had a problem with GWL or coverage at all. I was not getting better- I had nerve damage from the first brain surgery which caused severe trigeminal neuralgia. I take over 40pills a day. I've never had any issues with medication or payments. they have always been paid in the same day each month. I did however have my case managers switch a lot. I think I've had 8 or so. after it was obvious I wasn't getting better and met the criteria forCPP- disability GWL had me apply. Basically this just meant that GWL would have to pay me less once accepted( they deduct the amount CPP- disability gives you- so it's still the same amount, just from two sources.
I have been on LTD with GWL for over three years now and have had no issues with anything. They do check in with doctors every three months or so- up until it becomes obvious its a severe prolonged disability. like I said the only thing is I've had a lot of case managers- I don't k ow if that because you get switched every so often for " fresh eyes/look" or if they have high turn over. but the forms are simple- maybe long - but no longer then any other form for coverage.
I have this coverage through a work plan I had when I was still working-
I've read the reviews placed and I am shocked at the low scores. I don't know if they treat you differently if you have mental health or something not as severe as myself- maybe that's the difference. either way they should be giving you the service you pay for.

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