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Don't bother

by private on Sep 4, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

In the beginning, the case manager comes across pleasant and helpful, however, once you submit their complicated extended medical forms (which my doctor commented as he's never seen one so complicated), they turn passive-aggressive & unsupported.
Once they have these forms filled out even with the support of your medical doctors for your medical leave, they seem to minimize your claim & states that their medical expert has gone through & claps backs saying your claim is denied.
It's all a sham, just want you to go back to work even though with your doctor says you are not ready & using their bias so-called health experts who have nothing to do with your treatment that you do not meet the medical grounds for receiving any payouts. Ridiculous & nothing but a waste of time & unnecessary stress. At this point, one needs to clap back with a lawyer & miraculously, all of sudden the claim is reopened & accepted.

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