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Great-West Life
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Underhanded, cheap

by Meredith. on Dec 15, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

Is this company using dental fee guides from the 80s?? It sure seems that way. I’m supposed to have 90% dental coverage, but when I actually go to the dentist it only works out to about 70% because great West Life uses their own fee guide. So they’ve decided that cleaning should cost a certain amount when in reality in 2020 it costs far more. It’s cheap, underhanded business practices. They are nowhere near the provincial feed guide estimated for dental services whether standard or extensive. And that’s only the basic procedures, if you need anything more than basic they only cover 50%. Or well, 50% of what they “think“ the procedure should cost. So you’re getting screwed and then screwed again. Trying to get through on the phone to ask them which fee guide they use is impossible, I just gave up after a 45-minute wait with no answer. If I could scrub the planet of slimy insurance companies and start it fresh with honest ones, I would.

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High claim rejection

by Darkev on Feb 15, 2019
1.5 out of 5 stars

I’m supposed to have group insurance for dental. However each year my out-of-pocket expenses go up and up while Great-West finds new ways to not pay for claims. Recently I had 2 fillings on 2 teeth that happened to have crowns on them. The crowns were not touched. The two teeth under the crowns had cavities where my gums receded. $430 was the cost and $0 was the benefit amount. They don’t cover fillings to teeth that have crowns on them. They consider this “crown repair” when the dentist never touched the crowns at all. This is just one of many ineligible claim excuses they come up with to render your dental plan with them practically useless. I’m going to be pushing our union to switch to a better provider. We have approximately 40,000 employees and many of us in my section are fed up with this company.

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Bad experienced as an employer

by HR Professional on May 26, 2015
1.5 out of 5 stars

They may be cheap for employers but your employee base will not be happy with your benefit plan and in the long it could very well affect your employee retention. We have had nothing but complaints to our HR department since switching as they provide our employees with poor customer service and very glitchy website. Our employees which much happier with Pacific Blue Cross and we'll be switching back in the future. Great West Life cuts corners at the expense of your employees and as a top employer, our employees deserve better.

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