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Making Claims

by Christina. A on Jun 26, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I guess you get what you pay for ... The company I work switched about a year ago to save money, Al is the absolute worst. I pretty much have to call in after I make a claim to follow up. The website doesn't allow you to submit drug claims, I had to go through the message portal. 3 claims in, over 1k out of pocket and no response after 8 days I called - they still hadn't reviewed my claims nor was it in the system. Customer service responded with I should see payment within 5 business days .. SHOULD ... that is something as a paying customer I don't want to hear, I want certainty. Al, if you read these boards I suggest that you make your website more user friendly, listen to your customers, in the portal show claim process and have claims entered in a timely manner - Customers shouldn't have to waste their time following up, being put on hold and be out of pocket for long periods of time because Al is incompetent at doing their job.

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