Buying InsuranceSewer Backup is a special type of flooding that you can face in your home. Typically, the reason for it is an overflow of city / municipal sewage system when it can can not deal with inflow of water (e.g. due to melting snow, heavy rain falls etc) and thus sends water back to the houses. It can be a quite ugly event giving the fact that you get a lot of water into your dwelling mixed with dirt and bacteria. That typically requires a sophisticated cleaning and substitution of numerous belongings and home elements (e.g. carpets, furniture, floors etc). In many cases that would require an involvement of a dedicated restoration team.

New policy: It is very important to know that most policies do not include Sewer Backup Insurance and this coverage must be bought in addition to a home insurance policy. This coverage is also called Sewer Backup Rider and typically the costs are relatively low. It is highly recommended to get this protection for your peace of mind.

Existing policy: If you already have a home insurance policy, make sure that you review your existing policy or contact your insurer / insurance broker to find out if you have this type of coverage.

Given extensive flooding in the recent years, especially in Ontario and in Alberta, a sewer backup risk is quite tangible. Our home insurance reviews showed that many people suffered sewer backups and, unfortunately, some were thinking to be covered by a standard insurance policy. In this case, only a goodwill of an insurance company might help but in most cases insurer will not pay for your claim.

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