Buying Insurance

How Much Home Insurance Coverage Do I Need? There are several aspects that you need to consider when determining the value of Home Insurance coverage that you need as a home owner. Home rebuilding value: Home Insurance insurers rebuilding value of your home as opposed to a market value. It means that you need to make sure that… Read more

Sewer Backup: Am I covered? Sewer Backup is a special type of flooding that you can face in your home. Typically, the reason for it is an overflow of city / municipal sewage system when it can can not deal with inflow of water (e.g. due to melting snow, heavy rain falls etc) and thus sends water back to the houses… Read more

Do I Need Condo Insurance? Yes! That’s the short answer, but you also need to know that condo insurance is a bit trickier because there are normally two policies involved – your personal condo unit insurance and a commercial condo insurance policy. We will explain your insurance needs for the three condo scenarios:… Read more


Having Insurance

Why My Insurance Premiums Have Increased? If your Home Insurance Premiums have increased, there can multiple reasons listed below. You had a claim: If you have submitted a claim in the past, your insurer might consider you now a higher risk and thus adjusted your home insurance premiums…. Read more


Submitting a Claim

Will My Claim Impact My Insurance Premiums? Your Home Insurance claim may impact your future Home Insurance claims since your insurance company may consider you a higher risk after your claim. It should not be always the case but based on many feedbacks of InsurEye users, many of them experienced premium increases after their claims. … Read more