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RBC Rewards VISA
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Inexperienced agents

by rosa on Oct 8, 2019
2 out of 5 stars

I have spent many hours going back and forth to different people over the phone to resolve the issue of not being able to sign into my rewards online. "The system is down and only a few people were affected" is what I was told. It is now going on two weeks. I have over 200,000 points and do not know what to do. I had to book a trip for my son to come home and it took over 45 minutes over the phone with their agent. I have been with Royal bank rewards for over 15 years. My question and frustration is why is this taking so long?

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Not the greatest

by kdiewert on Aug 15, 2018
3 out of 5 stars

In October of 2017, we had booked a Europe trip for June 2018. A week later, I received a call stating that they need to reschedule or cancel. After an hour on the phone, we agreed to move our dates and they offered to upgrade us. Upon check-in, with the airline, we discovered that RBC Rewards had downgraded us to the basic economy (no checked bags, no seats together). We ended up paying an extra $300 each way for our family. We have also tried booking flights, only to discover that it would be less expensive to just book and pay for them out of pocket. We were loyal customers, but after this fiasco, we are looking at a different program.

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