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RBC WestJet World Elite MASTERCARD Consumer Reviews

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RBC WestJet World Elite MASTERCARD
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Small fee, for great cover

by edbell222 on Jun 20, 2020
5 out of 5 stars

I see lots of negative reviews here, but some are really not telling the whole story or their version of events. I can only relay my experience which is why I use their card and pay the $119 each year. I was returning from the funeral of my father on a long-haul flight. A plane delay of 6 hrs meant I missed my Vancouver connection to get home. Instead, I found myself in YVR on Friday night in July. I had to rebook my ongoing flight $530 for the next day, plus the cheapest hotel was $300, plus a meal, $32. I phoned RBC Mastercard and they were excellent, they immediately said I was covered. I had a cheque from them within a week for $900.

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