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BMO World Elite MasterCard
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Worst credit card

by Amabian on Jun 17, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

The fact that they charge a yearly fee for this card is laughable.
1. Customer service is non existent. Call center is always 2-4 hour wait.
2. During COVID all travel booked through the card was “not refundable” even when airlines were refunding, BMO wouldn’t. The insurance on the bookings is garbage and doesn’t cover anything either.
3. VIP lounge access is terrible and almost none of the airport lounges subscribe so you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be benefiting from that “perk” of the card.
4. Very high yearly fee and you don’t get much back for points!

Go with another card! This one is a scam.

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They cancel a card program and force me to a higher program with a larger yearly fee.

by Sylvia on Feb 24, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

Another BMO money grab. They cancel a MasterCard program and force us to a higher program with larger yearly fees. As far as I am concerned they made a business decision business to cancel so why am I being forced to pay larger fees? Typical bank trying to get extra bucks out of the consumer and during covid to boot. Call and speak to a representative that obviously can't do anything asked to speak to a manager - was asked to hold a minute while he transferred my call and sat for over 30 minutes with no one checking in on me or picking up my call - so I hung up. Really BMO is this what you call great customer service. I think my next step is the Ombudsman.

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