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La Capitale
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Horrible services

by Patricia on Dec 2, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

The account has been losing money and there's many so call surcharges and interest fee which not aware of, when taking out the money or transfer out to another company, there's much hard time, they will delay your process minimal months without telling any reason. it seems like there's only 1 person working in the entire headquarter for the 2mill-clients company, do not process money when customers want to cancel and withdraw, saying the account is flagged for fraud when the account owner sends in the request. If you ever want your money to grow, be very careful when choosing the right company.

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r Life insurance or Disability

by louis on Feb 15, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

They have no customer service and they do not pay out when it comes to disability. They find every excuse to prolong your payment and you could never speak to the person who handles your file, they claim you leave a message or send an email and someone within 24hours will call you back. (and you better be free when they do because they do not try again and you start the whole thing again.) They are great in giving you the run around and not paying out. Get ready to put everytring you own for sale because they will not pay out your claim when it comes to Life or Disabilty. I am telling you this because we are living this nightmare with them, So I hope we could save a few!!!

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