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Completely disappointed

by Andrea on Sep 12, 2016
3 out of 5 stars

I'm writting to express my frustration about Manulife company.
I paid 500,00 Cad for this insurance and it didnt help me at all.
I have a panic attack and I went to the hospital, needes medical assistance, paid the Bill in the end , doctor prescribed me a medication. By the way, I feell pretty much better and I have been prescribed to be absent 1 month from my job. I have claimed the refund , because I paid 150,00cad to see the doctor, and they told me it's not covered by because of the companie's policy, the girll that talked to me was super kind , Everybody can has the same issue, I just wanna say you guys that be carefull!!! because the dont consider mental disorder as a disease, if you have any medical emergency in relation to something you feel. You will pay the Bill! At least I got my permanent residence I have not to pass through this anymore. It's a shame!!! Just to express my frustration about the company. Veyr bady experience I had.

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