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Money suckers

by Winnipegger on Jun 17, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

After 12 years of paying and when I submitted a claim due to a clear partial disability that was supported by occupational health, my claim was denied for no reasons!

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Disabled and yet they won’t cover me

by Simi Silver DDS on Sep 17, 2023
1 out of 5 stars

I signed up in dental school when I graduated in 1996 with Paul Revere which was bought by Provident and then RBC. Even after two appeals, they are refusing to cover me. I have not been able to practice in two years! I am disgusted, demoralized, and I feel dehumanized by a company that I trusted. I’ve got a lawyer.

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Group Insurance Policy

by XM on Jul 9, 2020
4 out of 5 stars

I was put on medical leave from work after being on the same job for nearly 9 years. After a brief stint with an STD company, I was informed that my employer's policy was to have me transferred to a LTD policy through their group insurer (which each employee contributes to and is part of after 1 year of full-time employment). We have an HR claims benefits specialist and a Plan Committee who assists with ensuring our group plans are overseen appropriately, and we're always invited to info sessions and quarterly plan meetings to keep up to date. That being said, as soon as you know you need to apply for disability insurance through RBC, ensure you have all the required paperwork, a claims adjusters or claims specialist's name (from RBC) and their contact info, and get all the paperwork completed in as much possible details (by both yourself and your doctors). It took me a couple of hours one day, and an hour a second day to ensure completion of all the documents they requested. Send these off to RBC by fax or email immediately as different jurisdictions have different insurance act limitation periods allowing insurance companies to be able to deny your claim just based on the passage of too much time (usually several months, but this varies based on where you live). You should hear back by way of letter, email or phone call within 7-14 days letting you know they're reviewing your claim and documentation. The RBC claims person will then call you with some questions to assist with the claim review within this time frame. Be mindful but honest when answering these questions by phone. After that, RBC usually takes a few more business days to make a final decision to approve or deny your claim. The claims specialist from RBC will contact you by phone to notify you of their final decision and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. They'll also outline your responsibilities and any legal expectations framed in your RBC Insurance policy you're covered under specifically in order to continue receiving benefits. This is followed up by a formal letter by mail or email also outlining all these items. I don't know about other RBC Insurance products, but the group disability insurance (at least their long-term disability group insurance plan) has been impressive, professional, fairly timely in nature, my claims specialist has been wonderful and very helpful, and I've yet to run into any major issues. I should note that I was NOT a fan of RBC services in general and was very uncertain about dealing with them at all as I had issues with their banking and credit card products eons ago, but I'm pleasantly surprised. If you put in the work (the paperwork, keep your communication open with your claims specialist at RBC, provide them with the requested updates in a timely fashion, abide by their requests and they'll pay for all of the costs), you really should not have much trouble. I should note that having a good doctor who knows you well, hears you when you talk, and who is willing to walk through their share of the paperwork (such as the Attending Physician's Statement) is extremely helpful too.

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