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by AM on Sep 23, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I've been with Sun Life for over 8 years ONLY because it is the only option my organization offers. If you have literally any other choice take it. They make it very difficult and confusing to make claims. I'm guessing they just hope people give up so they don't need to payout. The website requires 2 different access ID/certificates to get into and for some reason, my password is constantly reset (without my approval) or the account is locked and you need to call the phone line. The phone line connects you to the UK which can't access your info if you live elsewhere. They then transfer you to an automated line that has a ton of very vague options for you to choose from. You are then on hold for a long time (every time I've called) before you get to talk to a person. You are asked to confirm your identity and I think I have given every single bit of information I have... Only to be denied access because the email that the claims are sent to us different than the one I registered with. More to follow on this... I am covered by my company under a different medical plan. The "benefits" are for my family. Other than being the name on the plan I have literally nothing to do with it. I am away in remote locations multiple times a year and unable to access my Sun Life. All my claims are for my spouse or dependants. The only person who is able to access and approve the claims is me. I have asked and they will not let her access, change, make claims, or do anything on the account. Again, I could be gone up to 8mo a year. Without getting to personal, my spouse has had major life-changing surgery. The claims we make are very straight forward with lots of information (from doctors) to back it up. Sun Life fights tooth and nail with us on every claim. There is always a loophole or a fine print on why they can't pay it. Most of the claims can be submitted online... But if they decide it is questionable (all of them) then you need to physically mail in receipts etc. It's 2020, which is completely unnecessary and again just a deterrent. To summarize: - They deter members from making claims - will fight over every claim - customer service is atrocious - benefits are expensive and provide less than competitors - beneficiaries have no access whatsoever I would never recommend Sun Life to anyone and would switch in a heartbeat if I was able. Look elsewhere.

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