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MPI is a scam

by Upsetting on Dec 23, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I have had a driving license for 50 years with 15 merits because I have never caused an accident. My car is older but in mint condition. I rear-ended another vehicle recently. The only damage was to my car, the other vehicle was fine. That driver wouldn’t even exchange information but I got his license plate. After checking with an auto body shop to see if it was worth submitting a claim I decided to go to my insurance company MPI... I got a claim number and was told I could go directly to an auto body firm. I did, they took pictures, etc. and submitted them to MPI. I waited. If the auto body co. hadn’t contacted MPI I’d still be waiting (except I would have called them). They would not approve the claim because of inconsistencies? 2days after I received call from them. I had to repeat my story again and was basically told they didn’t believe me. My question was, why would I make a claim and lose 5 points on my license if it were not so. I agreed to bring my car to the depot so the adjuster of MPI could see it. I brought my car in and the supervisor and the estimator looked at my car and on the spot agreed to fix it and they would sign off on it. Today I got a call from my auto body shop saying they had ordered the parts and MPI changed their mind and now won’t fix my car. My car is only with so much. So how does an insurance co. like MPI get away with this. I pay my insurance, and MPI is happy to take my money, but I can’t have my car fixed? Even if I withdraw my claim, my question remains, how can they refuse when I pay my insurance and they are my insurance company. There is something very wrong with MPI.

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by Heartbroken on Sep 6, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

I'm currently having an absolute battle with MPI. My vehicle was at a shop being fixed when they left my keys in the car and left it outside the compound! Well shockingly it was stolen. Now my Lincoln MKX was a 2007 but it was in perfect condition other then the passenger mirror wouldn't stay up, which was why it was at the shop in the first place. It has only been on the highway 4 times and has 70, 000 km on it. MPI doesn't want to fix any of the damages saying it was old damages! I'm fuming. All kinds of scratches and dents, tears in the leather, the windshield cracked all the way across.. I was a victim and now MPI is victimizing me. It has been over a month since it was stolen and I don't even have it back yet. I wish I could go anywhere else for insurance.

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Rear-ended at a red light

by RippedoffbyMPI on Apr 1, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

I was rear ended at a red light and the driver responsible took 100% fault. I noticed within a few days after the accident that my gas gauge was going down rapidly so I had my vehicle towed believing that my vehicle would be fixed or written off. (It's a 2000 GMC 4x4) After three weeks of MPI inspecting and also towing it to a shop, MPI refused ti fix my vehicle stating that the fuel line leak was caused by corrosion and not the impact of being rear ended! B.s. I even offered to pay 50% to get it fixed but they outright refused. I was then informed by the inspector that MPI would be demanding a safety inspection at my cost. After taking my truck in there was no mention of rust and that I had a fuel leak!! I can't justify fixing my truck for $1000 when its only worth $1800! This should all be covered by MPI, my insurance provider because I was rear ended and it wasn't my fault. I now have one week to cancel my plates and now will have to sell my truck off for parts with no money to replace it! I feel ripped off completely!!

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