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Mpi Legalized Corporate Thieves.

by Ron on Jan 13, 2024
2 out of 5 stars

I backed in to sign in the parking lot at Walmart. I have not had an accident for 6 + years. I go to put in a claim and I am told I will be deducted (5) demerits. The same penalty for a 2nd offense for driving while texting. How in hell is this the same thing ? I am told my license will go from $45.00 to $300. The first year, $200.00 the 2nd year and the 3rd $100.00 before it goes back to normal. That is $600.00 for my License plus $200.00 deductible for the claim. That comes to a whopping $800.00 out of my pocket for having 1 accident in 6 years. MPI you are ridiculous. There is something terribly wrong with you being able to take 5 points right off the top but have me only gain 1 point a year for safe driving. Then when I ask the lady at MPI "What am I paying insurance for? She tells me to help pay for the damage on the claim. What about the $1700.00 a year I paid for the 6 years I did not have an accident? How do you rate me backing in to a pole on a parking lot to be as dangerous as driving while texting? Paint everyone with the same brush and charge them the same demerits for any infraction. Time to re-evaluate how you rip off the public.

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