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Terrible Customer Service

by MPI customer on May 30, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Manitoba Public Insurance have the worst customer service. The agents are very rude. Lacks empathy and always want to frustrate customers. I signed up for the winter tires program. MPI collects payment with my policy every 15th of the month. It happened that MPI attempted to collect payment in February and my bank declined it. Didn’t even know the payment was declined and, I have money on my account. On March 13th, I called MPI to make payment for March because I will be away for one month. The agent that I spoke to on the phone didn’t mention to me that they had issue collecting payment in February and, the payment that I was making is the February bill. My policy expired in the middle of March. I got back from vacation and followed up with MPI to continue financing the winter tires. Guess What? MPI customer services declined my request to refinance the winter tires because I have relocated to another province. They reminded me that I missed payment in February and March. So, I cannot refinance the winter tires. I mentioned severally to them that, I’m in the province for school. MPI customer service keep telling me there is nothing they can do me. I am out of the province. I cannot refinance the winter tires or renew my policy. Now, I got to pay off for the winter tires at once. I tried to come to an agreement with MPI and even made a partial payment. MPI customer service refused to assist me further. I cannot get my driver abstract or claim experience letter to insure my vehicle at my new province. I just got back from Vacation and, I don’t have the full amount to pay immediately. I need time to pay off up to $1166. I still made half payment to MPI. I also got to meet one reasonable customer service who was willing to assist me. She collected my bank info and she made me pay for the driver abstract and the claim experience letter. She told me that the driver abstract and claim experience will be mailed to address. Guess What? Another customer service called me two days later and said they are not going to mail the driver abstract and claim experience letter until I pay the full amount for the winter tires. There is nothing they can do because I am out of province. Never had this terrible experience in my life. I am very disappointed at MPI service. They need to work on their customer service and supervisors. They act like they everything on them and a customer have no say. How can you not resolve customer issues? At least be kind. We live in a world where nobody knows tomorrow.

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