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by JeffGSUCKS on Oct 29, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

They hold you responsible when someone hit and runs your car and they've stolen my car for over 2 months at this point, forcing me to pay insurance on it and spend 2000 on rentals and rental insurance.

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The absolute worst!

by disgruntled2 on Jul 16, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

#1.I got a ticket with 30-day suspension in ON with an ON license that I fulfilled in ON and paid for in ON, I moved to MB later that year and shortly after switching my license over I got a letter saying that they are suspending my license for 3 months because of the ticket!
#2.I moved back to ON where Service ON confiscates your last provinces license and sends it back to them (MPI) with a cancellation request, I couldn't cancel it myself without it the card and MPI went and put another suspension on my record and fined me for about 3 months of my license and interest... they sent the amount directly to collections without contacting me about any of it first.
#3.I had a hit and run with my sister's car out of province and MPI refuses to take responsibility. There is a lot more to add, and quite frankly I don't know anyone who likes MPI... not even the insurance agents I know that work there.

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Wish i could give them zero!

by LEEZER on Jan 31, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

Was involved in a collision, was at a stop sign and someone turning right collided into me. Other driver lied and is claiming she was going straight - so since I had the stop sign I've defaulted to 'at-fault'. 1) angle of collision isn't straight forward 2) I reported the day after (happened in the evening), another party only reported after getting a letter. 3) The person did not have license or registration - I have no idea if the person involved is the one I even dealt with and/or if witnesses were friends. I called MPI every day to determine liability. Finally, I was given a supervisor, called her every day and nothing. Finally, I got a hold of another supervisor who nudged my supervisor. Took another day, when she finally replied - it was by email and just stated what was already provided. I never got a chance to provide any additional details or even for my story to be considered. I'm being accused of gunning it across right when this other driver appeared... ya right cause that makes sense. Also, I'm putting in all this effort for fun... ya right. Another party lied and gets away with it at my expense. Terrible MPI, I do not know how they sleep at night knowing how many lives they screw.

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