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RBC WestJet World Elite MASTERCARD Consumer Reviews

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RBC WestJet World Elite MASTERCARD
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by Customer on Jul 13, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

I had a fraudulent charge on July 4 for $2699 made on my card. I have tried three different days and times to speak with someone about this fraudulent charge. I just hung up after waiting two hours and 34 minutes today, one hour and 35 minutes yesterday, and the one time I did talk to somebody, by the time I got to the third person in the fraud department I was put on hold again and had to hang up as I had to be somewhere. What is going on with customer service?? I need to have this resolved ASAP! I had to call my American Express card customer service, and they answered and my problem was solved within five minutes! Why can’t West Jet Mastercard be as efficient? It’s very upsetting to sit on the phone for a total of four hours and still have not resolved my problem!

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DANGER - invasion of Privacy

by TC on Apr 26, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

Upon requesting an account balance I was, on 2 occasions, expected to reveal private information repeatedly. When I refused to repeat and acceptable rational I was denied service which is in direct conflict to the Office of the privacy commission. My repeated request for them to clarify my rights and the Commissions authority was denied. The operator /representative(s) refused to identify themselves on repeated requests. I instructed that the $130.06 they claimed as owing was in error based on previous recorded conversations. Then asked what they were prepared to do to rectify. They hung up. Do not tolerate this INVASION of f privacy ... file a complaint with Commission. And if you talk to them record the conversation, Under Canadian law you have the right without their consent or knowledge. If you want a copy of my conversation contact me .... ridiculously fraudulent deniles and self serving.

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