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by Gus on Mar 29, 2015
1 out of 5 stars

Makes a false statement with the intent to deceive the prospective insured in order to knowingly obtain an unlawful gain. Unfair or deceptive acts/practices. Acting as agent of the client without the client acknowledge/Forge Clients Signature. They re-did the legal application behind customer's back and resign customers name without the customer acknowledge and submit the following false information to obtain unlawful financial gain: with no medical information to obtain a better insurable rate for the prospective policyholder as medical release form was signed and handed back. No saliva was taken upon the application as a basic procedure Acting as an agent when unlicensed or suspended: the agent was soliciting while his license was revoked by Financial Services Commission Of Ontario from May 2008 – Aug 7, 2014. Acting as an agent of Desjardin Insurance as the contract was terminated: the agent was misrepresenting Desjardins Insurance as his contract was terminated by Desjardins Insurance on May 2008 and having his colleague adding his name and signing legal application as an agent of the client false. A complaint has been file through Financial Services Commission Of Ontario.

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