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Life Insurance denied

by tara on Nov 7, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

About a year and a half ago my husband and I were advised that we were eligible for an increase in our life insurance on our house. The agent at the time advised us that we could get more coverage for a better rate. We went in and set up for each of us to have a medical questionnaire and for a nurse to come in and do a basic physical. The nurse they sent was, in my unprofessional opinion, was awful. She could not draw blood from my husband (she tried for at least 20 min.) and she tried several attempts to take my blood pressure and finally got it (my arm was sore afterwards). Fast forward a few weeks(not exactly sure how long it was) I get a letter saying that I have been denied and that I SHOULD CONTACT MY REPRESENTATIVE. Freaking out, I did and he was very unhelpful. He had no idea why I was denied (he told me he thought I was approved) and proceeded to hint that I may have "forgotten" or "left out" an outstanding issue. He suggested I contact my doctor to have a discussion with him and maybe he could tell me why as the agent was not able to get a reason due to confidentiality. So I did make a doctor's appointment (I got the letter late Friday afternoon so I had to wait till Monday morning to make an appointment) but it was 6 weeks after I had received my letter of denial. I called my agent back to let him know I did have a doctor's appointment in 6 weeks and he said the reason for me being denied would be sent to my doctor ad should be there in time for my appointment. There was nothing sent to my doctor and, as I thought, there was nothing in my medical records showing that I should have been denied. I have a clean bill of health and am not on any medications. My doctor was surprised I couldn't get more insurance. My husband and I immediately pulled our insurance out and went elsewhere and are very happy. You think that is where it ends but a few weeks ago I called my insurance office (I still have car insurance with them) to ask about when I should put my snow tires on. Long story short, there is a new life insurance rep (it seems they have a high turn over rate at my location) and we got talking about my life insurance denial. She "looked into it" and basically told me my doctor did receive the letter they sent in the mail (which I'm sure he didn't) and that my doctor LIED TO ME about not receiving this letter. She also suggested that I would have a hard time getting life insurance if I didn't allow them to look into the reason for my denial and proceeded to tell me that I should come in for a quote from them. I told her that I did already have life insurance with another company and that we are very happy where we are. The bottom line I will be pulling any other insurances I have with them as soon as I am able to. They have horrible customer service and they make it seem that they are the only ones that provide insurance to you.

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