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by termanilly angry on May 8, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

Getting screwed by Sun Life! I have diagnosed with stage 2-3 Cirrhosis of the liver, I decided to use my coverage through my bank which is 100% coverage for illness and death. Now I am being told (after I renewed my mortgage a month ago) that I now have 63% coverage for death and 80% for my monthly mortgage. How the hell is that legal?! When I went in and got the insurance I was never told - "So, would you like full 63% coverage?" No, it for 100%! Now they are trying to reduce my coverage, I might as well be on EI! Do they do this during the Quarantine? I am being forced back to work when it is extremely bad for me and a weakened immune system to be anywhere especially to have to go back to work. Has anyone had ANY success fighting these crooks???

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