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by glen4471 on Feb 9, 2016
3 out of 5 stars

I had to leave my job due to fibromyalgia .I submited short term paper work and was denied even with letter from doctor stating I could no longer work .appealed decition going back and forth for eight mouths they finally paid short term .That was just the start of it now the long term paper work was submited and my claim was denied again they stated that even though doctors said i couldn't work there was not any evedence to back it up.I use VA for my medical treatment so lt takes time to get doc visit and paper work done . They did not care kept telling me paper work was submited to late to review and my case was being closed .showed paper work from there doctor said it was worst wrote letter ever and most did not make sence .Was told I would have to get lawer and sue them to try and get payed . this is how they dont pay by intimidation .I have two other insuance policys that payed no problem .This company will never pay .And use cheap outside doctors to review case and backed by sun life.these are doctors that could not get a job anywhere else.

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