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BMO World Elite MasterCard
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Customer service. Wait time.

by Frustration on Sep 3, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

Absolutely terrible service and wait time! Canceling card immediately as better service is elsewhere!
My BMO credit card was denied for a transaction. I had a zero balance so I called the 1-880 customer service number. On the first day, I connected to inquire about your account. I waited three hours before hanging up. The next day I tried again and after punching in my number, an automated request said ‘we would like to talk to you about your account’ and said your call is being transferred. The automated voice tells me there are a lot of calls and wait time could be up to an hour but if this is about a lost or stolen card please stay on the line. I thought that would be fast. I have been on hold for almost three hours again. Can you imagine the stress of having your card lost or stolen and being on hold this long? Needless to say, I will stay on hold and clear up this problem. Then immediately cancel my card and go elsewhere.

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Gold to Elite fiasco

by Concerned and frustrated on May 27, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

BMO informed us in April that they were replacing our Gold card with the World Elite card. It was going to increase our yearly fee. When I tried to go online on May 11 my Gold card number was no longer valid and we had not yet received our World Elite card. Until we receive the new cards we cannot do any online banking! So far I have spent over 6.5 hours on the phone (mostly on hold) trying to find out where the new cards are. Finally today they told me that they were being sent by courier. This is hopeful news. We will see...

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Customer Service

by Asif on Dec 16, 2021
1.5 out of 5 stars

The service is terrible for this credit card. I called to ask for past statements (only 3 months are available online) anything past that, they have to mail a paper copy and they charge you. I asked if I could get it faster and the representative said he had to talk to a supervisor.
I was placed on hold for 40 mins (they do not have a call-back feature).
In the end, I had to hang up because the representative never came back.
For your information, other cardholders have several months of statements available online.
Terrible service!

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