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Avoid SSQ

by DEM on Sep 10, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

The company was very nice in the beginning, but I never actually received a copy of my insurance policy! I continued paying them for close to three years (as life got busy-my bad), but when I finally did call them to try to figure out why I had not received a policy and what my policy covered exactly- they told me they had no record of me! After arguing with them back and forth for over 24 hours (speaking to at least 5 different people), and eventually showing them proof that they had been taking money from my account for three years, then suddenly were able to find me in their system.
When I asked for a copy of my policy, they said I had to pay $50.00. The customer service was awful, and no one could ever give me a straight forward answer. After looking into other policy's I now know their costs are much much higher, and for much less coverage.
Do not trust them, I am just thankful I smartened up and looked into this when I did!

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Can't get my investment back

by radubc on Mar 9, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

I have a life insurance with capitalization with SSQ and now I want to cancel it. More than a month ago I called them and requested to close my life insurance and have my investment portion refunded. They said that they will email me a form to fill out, but it takes 10 business days. Ok. After 2-3 weeks I called them to ask about the form. They emailed it to me while I was still on the phone. Why took them so long it's anyone's guess. I filled out the form and faxed it to a number they provided. I was told that it takes minimum 10 business days to get my money back. Yes, that's right, minimum, there is no maximum. It could be 11 days or 10 billion years. Anyway, after two more weeks, I called them again. They said that they have not received my fax. I sent them the forms again by fax and email, including the fax reports showing that the fax went through twice. Again, they have not received them. I have an emailed confirmation from them, but they still haven't received my email. It takes 48 hours for them to receive an email. This is not it, anyway. They are still saying that they need minimum 10 business days. They count from today, or maybe 48 hours from today, who knows, whatever they please.

Do yourself a favor and don't deal with them. There must be other alternatives on the market.

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