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Avoid SSQ

by DEM on Sep 10, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

The company was very nice in the beginning, but I never actually received a copy of my insurance policy! I continued paying them for close to three years (as life got busy-my bad), but when I finally did call them to try to figure out why I had not received a policy and what my policy covered exactly- they told me they had no record of me! After arguing with them back and forth for over 24 hours (speaking to at least 5 different people), and eventually showing them proof that they had been taking money from my account for three years, then suddenly were able to find me in their system.
When I asked for a copy of my policy, they said I had to pay $50.00. The customer service was awful, and no one could ever give me a straight forward answer. After looking into other policy's I now know their costs are much much higher, and for much less coverage.
Do not trust them, I am just thankful I smartened up and looked into this when I did!

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