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Expected More from Manulife

by Marnix van Gemert on Jan 25, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

Was a long-time group member and there were no issues. Once I changed to a personal plan, I found that (1) processes are not well documented; my first claim took 45 days to get reimbursed (2) Manulife's phone system is terrible - long wait times and many agents do not know the plans or speak English very poorly (3) I don't appreciate getting hit with a price increase without any prior knowledge and (4) I became aware of a second price increase 12 months of signing up thru a form letter that had five typos from their VP of Sales and Affinity markets. I wrote the gentleman a letter to voice my complaints. Mr. Thompson chose not to respond. I cancelled the policy and will self-insure instead. Pathetic experience.

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