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Expected More from Manulife

by Marnix van Gemert on Jan 25, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

Was a long-time group member and there were no issues. Once I changed to a personal plan, I found that (1) processes are not well documented; my first claim took 45 days to get reimbursed (2) Manulife's phone system is terrible - long wait times and many agents do not know the plans or speak English very poorly (3) I don't appreciate getting hit with a price increase without any prior knowledge and (4) I became aware of a second price increase 12 months of signing up thru a form letter that had five typos from their VP of Sales and Affinity markets. I wrote the gentleman a letter to voice my complaints. Mr. Thompson chose not to respond. I cancelled the policy and will self-insure instead. Pathetic experience.

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Change coverage without notice

by PM on Feb 16, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

Signed up post-retirement insurance. Increased premiums every year then don't cover after 2+ years, saying it was a mistake. They hide information too.

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Worst company

by Disappointed customer on Jan 13, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

Terrible terrible terrible... I don't know how these guys still exist! Only employers who want to pay the cheapest premium choose these guys because their service is the worst. I really hope my employer will move to somewere else. Does Manulife determine what medicine I should take? Are you my family doctor or insurance provider?

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worst online experience ever

by jnicholas on Apr 14, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

Seems like whenever you want to submit a claim, their site is down. Tells you to call a number, you call it and, oh, looks like they aren't open...their site is always down. Zero customer service, digital experience is terrible and they're expensive. For company benefits please choose someone else, your employees will thank you

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Frustrating to Submit Claims

by Okin on Jan 5, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

I would never recommend Manulife!

1. They throw many obstacles in the way of submitting claims.

Chiropractic and physiotherapy were included in my group benefits. The website said my group claims can be submitted directly once I verify my account. I followed all the steps and it still took more than 15 times and 7 months to be able to process direct claims. I needed to send a screenshot to a Manulife representative to prove I had verified my account and each clinic had to call Manulife multiple times to argue on my behalf.

When I went to the dentist and the front desk verified what was covered by my group benefits before I had dental work done. Manulife rejected the claim from the dentist’s office. I had to suddenly pay over $800 on the spot and then submit online at home and wait a month. The receptionist at the dentist’s office had never seen a claim rejected before, except by Manulife.

I can’t think of any reason why these normal claims have so many barriers! Maybe they’re hoping people won’t jump through all the hoops and it’ll save the company money?

2. When I switched to the individual plan I expected to pay more. That’s normal.

What I did not expect was for common prescription medications not being covered at all. Now I need to pay $300 more every month for meds that would be covered by every other insurance company.

There are many more issues I could talk about, including my Long Term Disability Claim, purposefully confusing and misdirecting letters from the company and more. But, I’ll stop here.

You get the point.

Never pick Manulife for your insurance!

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Complete ripoff

by ScamVictim on Dec 6, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

Manulife has the highest premiums and then try to use every excuse to get out of paying claims. I was blatantly lied to by multiple Manulife employees and am still waiting to get my issue resolved. Do yourselves a favor and avoid Manulife like the plague.

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Miserable service

by Kate on Dec 28, 2016
2.5 out of 5 stars

I've been with Manulife for health insurance for 13 years. Every year, there is a rate increase, whereas my benefits have not increased one penny. I should get out of the plan and probably will this year.

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Refusing to insure child

by frustrated on Jun 27, 2014
1.5 out of 5 stars

Our daughter has a heart murmur for which she has never received any treatment or medical intervention. Manulife has only recently allowed our her two siblings to be covered on our group insurance plan, after a full year of waiting. We have had to jump through all sorts of hoops and still our daughter, who doesn't even have to take antibiotics when she visits the dentist, is not a recipient of our family's benefits.

When I do contact Manulife they try to imply that they have no record of my husband's policy, because they never include his certificate number on any correspondence that we've received. I'm curious as to how they suppose that I'm receiving correspondence from them, because they certainly seem to have at least our address! I am very unimpressed with this company and their lack of desire to help.

He/she put me on hold for about 15 minutes and when they came to say they couldn't help me, the customer service representative, (admittedly I was angry by this point), pretended that he/she couldn't hear me. I demanded their name, and they simply continued to pretend that they couldn't hear me. I demanded to speak to a manager, and they continued the game of not being able to hear me....even fading their voice so that maybe I might think that the connection was fading out. I hung up and phoned back and guess what? The customer service rep that I got this time, could hear me just fine! And she was able to help me, quickly, I might add!

I get it, it's not fun to deal with an angry and frustrated customer and I was hopping mad, but just pass me off to management rather than implying that I don't know what I'm talking about or playing games with me!

Sadly the experiences that I've had when I've had to contact Manulife have more closely resembled my encounter with the fading out customer service rep rather than the lady who I later spoke with.

I just want our daughter, who is eight and as healthy as a horse to be taken care of! It's been over a year of waiting!

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