What is Accident Forgiveness

Glossary - Letter - A

What is Accident forgiveness? It is one of the features of a car insurance policy. Typically, if you are involved in an at-fault or partially-at-fault accident, your insurance rates will go up after the accident. The accident forgiveness feature guarantees that your .auto-form-header-centerrates will not go up, despite the accident, although it is usually only applicable to your first at-fault accident.

Sometimes this feature can be purchased as an extra with your auto insurance policy. In other cases it is added by an insurer to all the policies. There are also providers who grant this option if you have a bundle of different insurance products with the same provider.

It is important to know that although your rates will not go up, an insurer will still know about the accident, and there will be a record of it. This feature does not free you from any legal responsibility associated with the accident either.

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