What is Dashcam Insurance

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Dash Cam: Definition

A dash cam is a camera that is placed on your windshield or dashboard and is continuously recording everything that happens while you are driving the car. More advanced version of the cameras can also record rear views; some are equipped with infra-red sensors to enable recordings in the dark too.  The camera automatically switches on and begins recording as soon as the car engine starts. It saves all video data to a memory card. Some cameras are capable of recording in High Definition and deliver great video quality.

Dashcam Insurance: Things to Know

dash-cam2Though Dash Cam is fantastic tool for insurers to make claims decisions in the most informed way, they are not using it in the moment. In fact, when we contacted one insurance company asking if they recognize the evidence via a dashboard cam in consideration in their claim assessment process, the reply was very general: “We welcome any additional information that would contribute to correct assessment of an accident and to handling of a claim. But we do not have any particular perspective on a dashboard camera usage in the cars though; it’s quite new to us…”
Our hypothesis is that you should make use of dash cam data in discussion with police or in the court to make sure that you are not considered to-be-at-fault. Not being considered at-fault after an accident could help prevent your insurance premiums from increasing. Additionally, a dash cam can help to preserve a clean driving record.

Dash Cam: Recommendation for Drivers

dash-camDash Cam is your silent witness that constantly records everything that happens on the road. Giving it’s low costs (Around $50-80 online or $100-$200 in retail) it totally makes sense to have it in own car. It can help to resolve many cases:

  • An accident due to an unexpected maneuver from the car in front of you
  • A fraudulent accident that is almost impossible to recognize
  • Situation that will require a detailed examination later (e.g. being a witness of a crime)

Also recording a nice video from your road trip is a bonus point when you are getting a dashboard camera.

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