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Worst Customer Service Ever

by Tavion Rayne on Sep 30, 2020
2 out of 5 stars

Walmart Mastercard has been hands down the most infuriating service. On its own, the credit card is fine. Back when I used to shop at Walmart for most of my groceries, it worked well. But as soon as I had to initiate a chargeback, the cracks really began to show themselves. Long story short, WestJet broke Canadian Federal law by not providing a refund to a cancelled flight, and as such I pursued a chargeback with my Walmart Mastercard. They sent me the documents via mail and required that I either fax or mail them back. You heard that right: Fax. In 2020. The fact that Walmart doesn't have credit card tap is one thing, but they can't correspond with their customers via email/online? Ridiculous. From there, it was a waiting game. They give the merchant (in this case WestJet) 45 days to respond to the chargeback claim. Due to the fact that we had pages and pages of proof showing how WestJet broke the law, they never did. That alone would have been fine. The issue lies with how Walmart handled the situation. I called them four times to confirm the status of the Chargeback, and each time they provided different dates as to when it would be over. To be fair, the second time and the last time I called, they gave the same dates. So clearly they don't have the technology or information on hand to determine when exactly a dispute will end, otherwise each call would have had consistent information. In the end, their lack of consistency and the difficult nature of being able to get any concrete info out of the Walmart Mastercard led me to cancelling my account the minute I knew the Chargeback was over. To conclude, this card may have nice benefits if you use your card often, but if you ever want a credit card that will actually work for you and provide you the information you need as one of their clients, I would encourage you to look for a better card. You are just a number to these people, and they will jerk you around with unprofessional service all the live-long day.

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