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Walmart M/C Online Website

by Starlette on Oct 15, 2020
5 out of 5 stars

Recently, Walmart Mastercard online website did a whole new update. I have been frustrated with one feature and called in about it however not sure if it will make a dent in my issue. With the old online, when you were looking at your transaction(s). On the left side, you were able to see this info at all times. Your Current Balance Your Credit Limit Your Min Payment Needed Etc So now with the new updated website, it shows your current balance large and bold. Then when you go to view transactions, if you are looking over all your transactions and try to see if the total adds up to the current balance or if you need to go into another month's transactions etc. It would be nice to see the current balance at all times above. Instead, right now if you for example looking at your transactions and then trying to remember what your current balance was. You have to go out of that screen and go back to the main screen. You should not have to do that. Please put the current balance info available above on top when looking at your transaction history.

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great if you love walmart

by Samantha Gavrilko on Aug 3, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

Got this card thinking I would eventually shop at Walmart all the time and it would be worth it.
Unfortunately the Walmart in my area (Victoria) is inconvenient by Transit, so I only went occasionally. It was nice to have accumulated points/money and I was able to redeem about $150 at once, which was nice.
Overall a perfectly decent card. The rewards are not high which is normal.

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