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Customer service

by ElyE on Jan 31, 2024
1 out of 5 stars

A Walmart cashier offered to set me up on a Walmart mastercard and payed for my items with the mastercard which felt nice.
11 days later, I called to follow up because I had not received my mastercard and wanted to prevent paying late fees!
I talked to 9 agents, figured out the card was sent to the wrong address. Everytime I was transferred to a new person I had to repeat my full name, number, address, email address, if I have a 2nd person on my card, credit limit of my bank account which really made the process feel crazy! By the 8th person, I decided to close my account so I wouldn't have to deal with phone calls like this anymore!
Talked to the 9th person, closed the account, payed the outstanding balance online.
This took 3 hours of my day.
Do not do it unless you would like a headache! :)

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